Special session

Air Pollution in Cities

You are kindly invited to contribute to the special session on "Air Pollution in Cities" with oral or poster presentations. Please select topic "special session Air Pollution in Cities" while submitting your abstract.

List of topics included in this special session, but not limited to

  • Air quality forecasting activities.
  • Improvements in urban scale predictions through model resolution, new urban parameterizations, land use and energy inputs, etc.
  • Improved observing systems for urban scale predictions
  • Data assimilation applications to improve forecasts and emission estimates
  • Impact of pollution reduction measures on air quality, including short term interventions associated with high impact events.
  • Near real time data needs and activities
  • Downstream uses of air quality forecasts for public safety.
  • Multihazard forecasting, including heat waves, air quality, etc.

This session will be organised in cooperation with the WMO Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) Urban Research Meteorology and Environment (GURME) Project.